About us

The Belgian company "Russia Trade Company" (R. T C) represents and markets in Russia and the CIS contries (the ex-URSS) the products of different European manufacturers  from Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Luxembourg in the field of construction, finishin, decoration and furniture.

The company "R.T. C" is in Brussels (Belgium), in the heart of Europe, which allows it to be very effective and efficient with its European suppliers. It is also present in Russia, in the center of Moscow with an office and a warehouse.

By decling with our company, you vill benefit from the following advantage: if you not have the opportunity to load your orders directly of the european factories, you can get them directly from our warehouse in Moscow and we vill take care of the transport and the Russian custom duties.

If you need a representation or a partner in Russia, our company "R.T.C" can handle in all your import/export formalities. We vill arrange the necessary exportation state licenses:
- the payments of your customer in Russia and the CIS according to the rules of the Russian      legislation;
- Consolidation of your goods in our warehouse in Moscow;
- Delivery of goods in Russia and the CIS simultaneously from several European suppliers;
- Formalities of export customs entry EX1

We also offers the following services: https://www.cours-langues-rtc.be/
- Translation and advising during your professional trip in Russia;
- Cours of Russian language to improve your contacts with your business customers;
- Translations of all your documents, necessary;
- Welcoming and translations for your russian customers in Belgium and in Europe; 

All our collaborators speak Russian and We guarantee you confidentiality in all our acts